Virgin River Part 2

9780778317425_p0_v2_s260x420So lets go back to Virgin River for another visit.  Our first stop is another novella, not Christmas this time but New Year’s Eve.  We meet the Marcie and Erin’s younger brother Dr. Drew Foley and veterinarian Nathaniel Jensen’s niece Annie.  Both coming out of broken engagements this just might become a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Then we’re into another trilogy beginning with Promise Canyon.  Nathaniel Jensen has a new veterinary assistant in his practice, Clay Tahoma.  Just as Clay gets to Virgin River and settles in local Lily Yahzi finds a horse in a field left it seems to die.  The spark of attraction is quick but Lily fights it well.

Colin Riordan has come to Virgin River to recover from crashing his helicopter and also from being discharged from the Army when he’s not ready to be done flying.  While taking some time to try and figure out just what he wants to do next he finds himself painting in the back lot of the home Jillian Matlock is renting.  Jillian has taken a leave of absence from her job after being gobsmacked by sneakiness.  She’s trying to get back to her roots, reminded of her grandmother she’s digging in literally and gardening, or really farming.  Watching them dance around each other is quite a show.

9780778312710_p0_v1_s260x420Jill’s big sister Kelly passes out on the job.  Sous chef in a well known restaurant, cornered by the wife of the man she has developed a serious crush and friendship with yet done nothing untoward, she’s had enough.  She flees to Virgin River to decide just what she wants to do.  Lief Holbrook,  screenwriter, can do his job anywhere so he’s brought his daughter in all her Goth glory to Virgin River in hopes of once again finding his little girl under all that black.  Lief meeting Kelly may not help the situation though.  Can things work out under a Harvest Moon?

Time for another Christmas story.  Denny Cutler’s made some bad decisions in his life, things he truly regrets one is breaking up with girlfriend Becca Timms before deploying to the Middle East for a second time.  Becca is engaged but before she moves on completely she wants closure with Denny.  The perfect chance comes when her brother is off to Virgin River for a hunting trip with Marine buddy Denny.  She comes along for the ride in Bring Me Home For Christmas.

We’re coming up on the end of the Virgin River series here with one more trilogy, starting with Hidden Summit.  Paul Haggerty has a new/old assistant in his construction business.  Leslie Petruso has been left her by husband and has transferred her job to the Virgin River branch of Haggerty Construction just as new work Conner Danson arrives on the job.  Conner is hiding out waiting to appear in court and testify against a murderer.  Not a good time to find yourself in a new relationship but neither one can seem to resist.

9780778313175_p0_v1_s260x420Conner’s sister Katie and her twin sons are moving to Virgin River, on her way into town she finds herself on the side of the road with a flat tire.  Along comes a friendly group out on their motorcyles for a ride.  While helping her with the tire Katie realizes one of those men is former child star Dylan Childress.  Dylan’s trip becomes longer and longer as he finds ways to stay and spend more time with Katie and her boys.  I have to say this is one of my favorite books in the VR series, how many girls dream of meeting and having a relationship with their celebrity crush.  Katie gets to live it and through her we all get to do it vicariously.

The last full novel in the VR series is Sunrise Point.  We’ve met Nora Crane and her girls in previous books as side characters well now they take center stage as Nora is determined to improve their quality of life.  She applies to work at the local apple orchard for Tom Cavanaugh.  Tom is immediately attracted to Nora but wants nothing to do with her and sends her away until his grandmother steps in.  Tom thinks he knows what he wants in a woman and it’s not Nora.  Nora just wants to make life for her girls better but she can’t deny an attraction.  Also appearing in this book is Cooper a friend and former Army buddy of Luke’s that somehow managed to have a rather nasty past experience with Jack.  Ms. Carr seems to excel in “it’s a small world moments” you’ll see it again in her next series Thunder Point that just happens to start with Cooper.

We get one last Christmas visit to Virgin River to meet the youngest Riordan brother Patrick “Paddy” and Jack’s niece Angie.  Both thought they just wanted to be left alone this Christmas until they cross paths in Virgin River.  Maybe being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The best part of this series is the ongoing visits with everyone in town, always catching up with the couples, families, just all of the residents.  If you haven’t done it yet do yourself a favor and pick up a Virgin River book.



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