Extra Yarn


My daughter and I love reading Extra Yarn, which is about a little girl with a magic box of yarn that never runs out.  She covers her town in knit – friends, classmates, neighbors, all are happy to wear the special sweaters she knits for them.  Then she moves on to animals, trees, houses, even a truck.  Someone actually offers her millions of dollars for the box, and she refuses to sell – the magic only works for her.

So inspired by this, and a post I found on Pinterest, here is my own little act of kindness.  I can’t blanket my city with a sweater, but I can make scarves.  I’ve made quite a few this winter.  This cold as hell, never ending winter had me craving warmth and comfort.  I feel like I spent half the winter curled up under a blanket – I’m ready for warmer weather, but it’s not quite here yet!  Here in Virginia Beach, there is a sizable homeless population, many of whom spend their time down at the ocean front.  We ventured down there yesterday, the weather was beautiful and pretty warm for March.  Of course, later this week, it’ll be back down into the 40s, and I’m hoping then someone will make good use of this.  I attached this note:  (which inspired by this Pinterest post).

unnamed-1“I am not lost!
Presents are optional;
you may not, or may,
It is the love in our stitches
To help make your day. 

If you are cold,
or feeling blue,
wrap me around,
and feel my love to you.”

It’s one small way to pay it forward, and to do something nice for someone else.  I hope that it brings joy, warmth, and comfort.


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