Thunder Point

9780778314479_p0_v2_s260x420Thunder Point is the newest series by Robyn Carr, in the last book of her Virgin River series we met Hank Cooper, better known as Coop, former Army buddy of Luke.  Coop and Luke’s Army buddy Ben has died and left Coop his bait shop/bar in little Thunder Point, Oregon.  Not exactly sure what he’s going to do with the place Cooper takes some time to get to know the town including Coast Guard helicopter pilot Sarah Dupre and her younger brother high school football star Landon.  I have to admit when I first found out this that The Wanderer was a new series and not a return to Virgin River I was really disappointed but reading the book quickly changed my mind.  I’d love for the inhabitants of VR to meet the residents of Thunder Point.  This small town is not nearly as small as VR but small enough that the residents all still seem to know one another.  Cooper’s in for some serious changes in his life between this book and book two The Newcomer. 

Newcomer also tells the story of local Deputy “Mac” McCain, his aunt, and three kids as well as his good friend Gina James whose daughter just happens to be his oldest daughter’s best friend, not such a surprise in a small town.  Also welcome to town new doctor Scott Grant.

9780778314523_p0_v2_s260x420Book three The Hero introduces us to Devon McAllister as she’s escaping a local cult.  Picked up by old Rawley on the side of the road we once again see what a sweet old guy this Vietnam Vet who hides and plays it cool is.  Devon moves into Thunder Point to hide.  Spencer Lawson has moved his son Austin to TP to start life fresh after losing their rock, wife and mother.  Spencer has come from the HUGE Texas high school football tradition to take on the head coaching job at Thunder Point high school.

The Chance begins the second trilogy.  Laine Carrington was the undercover FBI agent that helped Devon and Mercy escape the cult.  Now on medical leave after the whole incident she returns to Thunder Point for her recovery.  Also returning to town is Eric Gentry, former troublemaker, juvenile delinquent has straightened up his life and come back a successful businessman.  While attracted to each other they both worry their differences are too much for a relationship to work.

9780778314592_p0_v3_s260x420Finally town doc Scott Grant takes center stage in The Promise.  Physician Assistant Peyton Lacoumette has left her boss/boyfriend and is searching for what to do next when she spots the add for help at the Thunder Point clinic.  She agrees to take the job for just a few months but begins to fall in love with the town and just maybe the town doctor.  Her old life isn’t totally out of the picture yet however and that just might make the doc a little nervous and lose some of his confidence.

Mac has been given a promotion so now Thunder Point needs a new deputy, this leads to the return of high school football hero Seth Sileski.  Seth sees this as a chance to maybe make peace with not only his father who has been angry at him for years for blowing an NFL career but also with former lifelong best friend Iris McKinley now Thunder Point high school guidance counselor.

This is a great new series.  I love that there are major issues addressed throughout the books  including cyberbullying, depression, cults, and domestic abuse.  I’ve just recently finished the newest book in the set and am eagerly looking forward to the next two.  Look for my review of One Wish soon.



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