The Bride Quartet

9780425227510_p0_v2_s260x420The Bride Quartet by prolific author Nora Roberts is a set of books about four (big surprise there right?) best friends and their wedding business.  The story starts in Vision in White.  In the prologue we meet young MacKensie, Laurel, Emma, and Parker as they play wedding.  They take turns being the bride, groom, minister, and on this day Mac becomes photographer taking a shot that when developed leads her to her life’s work.

Skip to present day all four women live on Parker’s family estate that they have turned into Vows and all encompassing wedding business.  Weddings and showers are held on the estate.  Parker is the wedding planner extraordinaire, Mac photographer, Laurel the baker of any bride’s dream wedding cake, and Emma the floral genius.

9780425230077_p0_v4_s260x420In book 1 on her way out the door to a wedding consultation Mac runs smack into the bride to be’s brother Carter Maguire.  So not her type Carter the English teacher intrigues Mac, especially when he blurts out that he had a major crush on her when they were in high school together.  He wants something serious though and Mac the product of her parents’ multiple marriages and mother’s endless manipulation wants nothing to do with serious.

Book 2: Bed of Roses is at it seems the book about Emma, Emmaline Grant floral genius.  Emma has been the one of the four ladies with the most dates and yet has never found the one.   Jack Cooke good friend of the ladies and Parker’s brother Delaney is always around so when sparks start to fly between he and Emma, they are both confused and hesitant to take a new look at each other, a look that doesn’t say “like my sibling.”

Laurel’s story, the baker extraordinaire, is Savor the Moment.  It seems Laurel has long been 9780425233689_p0_v4_s260x420harboring a secret crush for a long time.  This crush comes and goes and now it seems to be back with a vengeance, the question is can she get the subject of her crush, Delaney, to stop seeing her as a “little sister” and see her as a woman instead.  If she succeeds how will her friends take it especially Delaney’s sister Parker.

Parker finally gets her turn at a try for happily ever after in Happy Ever After.  Mechanic Malcom Kavanaugh is about as far from Parker’s normal type of man as he can get.  He irritates her and intrigues her which seems to irritate her even more.  Malcom is fascinated by this woman who is so put together.

I think one of my favorite things about this series is that it’s as much about the four women and their friendship as it is about each woman’s love story.  The books also carry the common thread of their wedding business.  We meet Carter’s sister in the first book and get to go through her planning, all the way to her actual wedding.  The intro to each book is a prologue that tells us more about all four women and not just the one who will be on stage that book.  Like so many of Nora’s other books these are a great read.  I’m just a Nora fan I guess, not that that’s a bad thing.


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