New Fiction Friday: Mr Mercedes

9781476754475_p0_v2_s260x420So Mr Mercedes isn’t that new – but it was recently released in paperback.  It actually sat on bookshelf too long!  I got it for my birthday last year, and I’ve just now finished it.  It’s sequel Finders Keepers is set for release this Spring, which I am looking forward to.

The story begins as a murder mystery – the killer had used a fancy new Mercedes Benz as a murder weapon. He took out 8 people, with a stolen vehicle, which eventually leads to the family of the woman who owned the car.  They were contacted and tormented by the killer.  It reminded me a lot of Christine, another King story about a killer car.  The Mercedes killer was incredibly smart, and also incredibly mentally unstable. What unfolds after the incident is just as scary as the murder itself.

The detective who had worked the case retired before the case was actually solved. It was tough to leave the job behind without finding the killer, it’s even harder for him to transition to civilian life.  (Apparently this is pretty common for retired policemen).  Life as a cop is fast-paced, demanding, and full of adrenaline. After Detective Hodges retires, he struggles to find his place. It’s this that the killer is able to exploit.  Hodges is contacted by the killer, and pulls the detective out of retirement to chase him.

Using a website called Under the Blue Umbrella, MrsKill reaches out not only to the detective, but he finds out later that the woman whose car was stolen to commit the crime was also contacted. The detective is surprised, and unofficially comes out of retirement to chase MrsKill.

What I love about Stephen King is his ability to thrill, he’s incredibly creative, and he rarely revisits the same subject and theme. Here in Mr Mercedes there are cameos though! He mentions scary clowns, which of course reminds me Pennywise, the scary as hell clown from It. There’s also a very popular song that’s called Kiss Me on the Midway, referred to several times in the book, which reminds me of Joyland.

Under the Blue Umbrella sounds like social media gone bad. Yet, with MrsKill still out there – he’s free to use social media to contact whoever he wants, virtually untraceable. It’s shocking and scary, and sounds so realistic, as if it could happen to any victim.

I loved this book – and I’m looking forward to Finders Keepers. Although at the end of the book, I can’t imagine how there could be a sequel.  We included it on the books we’re looking forward to this Spring.  Any books you’re looking forward to reading??


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