New Fiction Friday: One Wish


I recently introduced you to Thunder Point and fortunately for me Ms Carr has just begun releasing her newest trilogy in that series.  The first book is One Wish.  In the last book we met Iris’s best friend Grace and Iris’s other suitor Troy.  They’re back. 

Ok first I have to say I was taken out of the book for a bit when I realized that Troy is Denny’s friend, Denny from Virgin River.  Troy’s full time job is high school teacher, but he works part time at Cooper’s bar.  

9780778317722_p0_v2_s260x420Um ok wait a minute.  I know Ms. Carr likes to connect her books and I like that but this felt a little too much of a push to me a bit contrived.  Cooper and Troy never met during the Virgin River series but both stopped in and yet they both end up in the same small town in Oregon?  Really?  Just a bit too much “it’s a small world” for me.  Denny even visits during this book and stops into to Coop’s place to say hi.  Fortunately this is a very small part of the book and one I was able to get past fairly quickly.

Grace has been hiding something from her new friends in Thunder Point, something she really doesn’t want anyone to know.  Grace is a former world class, gold medal champion figure skater who wanted out of the spotlight.  She was miserable in that life and has reinvented herself.  Her flower shop is exactly what she wants and while life isn’t as fun as maybe she’d like Troy is determined to help her with that. 

I really enjoyed this new visit to Thunder Point.  I loved watching Troy realize he’s falling in love with Grace, that this isn’t just fun anymore it’s so much more.  Watching him be strong for her is a great thing.  Grace discovering she can be all parts of herself and be accepted by her friends is easier for her to understand than learning how to accept all parts of her herself.  Another great book, can’t wait for the next one A New Hope in July, dare I hope there is at least one Star Wars reference in the book due to the title, nah 😉  Rest assured no matter what I’ll read it and be writing a review come summer.


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