Never Goin Back

9780451414946_p0_v2_s260x420Starting after Christmas last year I decided it was time to get back to healthier living, to that end I’ve been more careful about what I eat and drink, I’ve been more active – gotta get that pedometer to 10,000 steps a day, and I’ve been reading about weight loss and healthy living.  The first book I picked up was Al Roker’s Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight Loss Battle for Good.

I had seen Al’s book on the shelf at my library before and was curious especially as I remembered watching the change in him on the Today show but I just never picked it up.  Making the decision to change my own life and weight his was the first book I checked out.  I prefer weight loss memoirs to those weight loss self help books.  I want to know how someone who actually succeeded in losing weight did so not just what some “expert” says you should do.

Never Goin’ Back is most definitely easy to read.  Al takes you through his life from a little boy to a high school, college, and beyond.  He takes you through his weight ups and downs sometimes in vivid detail.  You feel for him as he goes along.  I identified with things he said and did.

His story is an inspirational one and real life.  He tells you he’s not offering advice just explaining what finally worked for him.  Resources are listed in the book if you want to try what he tried.  Even though he doesn’t make recommendations I have to admit I have taken some of his ideas and used them.  While I don’t have a treadmill desk (man I wish I did) I have adjusted the height of my monitor and keyboard so I can stand more.  I’m standing while I type this now as a matter of fact.

There are spots in the book where I gasped a bit and thought TMI or even WTMI but I think that happens in almost all memoirs.  Whether or not you’re interested in losing weight or living a healthier life this is a great story, especially if you’re a Roker fan like I am. 🙂


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