The Sunlight Series

9780545577854_p0_v1_s260x420Recently, I shared a list that my local library had published on fun things to do at the library that you didn’t know you could do.  On that list was preschool classes, and there are a variety of classes offered.  My daughter has been taking preschool science, which is part of the library’s new STEAM program that works along with the city’s public schools.  Another part of that program is computer classes, which are offered to students as young as 3 – and ranges to coding classes offered to high school students.  One of the best part of these classes is  that they are free.  She didn’t love the computer classes quite as much as she loves the science class.  I enrolled her in hopes that she’d love science more than I do – it was always one of my least favorite subjects!

9780439489614_p0_v1_s260x420One thing the librarian who teaches the science class does is to offer books on the same subjects the kids learned about that day.  After a recent class that focused on Earth Day, my daughter picked up Buried Sunlight, which is part of The Sunlight Series.  The series focuses on science, writing on topics that will interest young readers. Buried Sunlight  teaches about energy, and fossil fuels and their uses and environmental impact.   It sounds like heavy material for young readers, but they’re really great books.  And I haven’t found too many books that my daughter won’t listen to.

Explaining the power of the sun, energy, and exactly what fossil fuels are and where they come from. What I also love about the book is the part in the back (probably for adults), so if kids have more questions about the topic, parents can read through the “notes”, and hopefully answer those questions.  And aren’t there always questions??

Also in the series is My Light, Living Sunlight, and Ocean Sunlight. These books are perfect for young learners who are interested in science, and perfect for an Earth Day lesson!


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