It Was Me All Along

9780770433246_p0_v2_s260x420Kel recently shared her reviews on Losing It, and Never Goin’ Backtwo popular stories of weight loss written from the perspective from two people who had lived through the struggle of weight loss, and have kept the weight off.  I recently finished reading It Was Me All Along, a story written by Andie Mitchell, who also lived through weight loss – and successfully kept the weight off.  There are so many people struggling with their weight – and it’s for a variety of reasons.  It Was Me tells a deeply personal story of weight gain and weight loss. Her story is a triumph – one I enjoyed reading, and there were parts that were honest, humble, and relatable. She also blogs at Can You Stay For Dinner, sharing recipes, her favorite foods, and how she lives a balanced life.

Her memories of childhood were surrounded by eating, usually overeating. Her mother was loving, supportive, active, and fit. Her father, on the other hand, who for a long time she spent more of her time, was an overweight, depressed, alcoholic.  This seemed to be more influential in her bad eating habits. When her parent’s relationship began to fall apart, she started eating even more. After losing his job, her father was home all day every day, and his depression spread throughout the house. After several unsuccessful attempts at rehab and drying out, he finally disappeared.

After losing her father, she continued to eat. She had always associated comfort and happiness with food. It was when she was about 15 – and well over 200 lbs before her doctor finally said something. Her mother continued to be supportive, and never forced or pressured her to lose weight.  Would this even have prevented anything? I love her mother, her undying support of her daughter – even through her darkest struggles, and her ability to keep her family together, even after the tragic loss of her husband.

After Andie started losing weight, she became obsessed. She was constantly under the control of food – constantly obsessing about nutrition and calories. She wasn’t truly free. Eventually found a real balance, and that’s the triumph in the book. And that’s what her blog is committed to.   What’s important about her story is that weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight is not all or nothing, it’s an ongoing delicate balance.  In the process of losing weight, she never lost herself, she was still the same person on the inside.  She learned to really love and accept herself, and despite the drastic changes her body had gone through, said “It was me all along”.


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