The Tao of Martha

9781101897430_p0_v1_s260x420I am a huge fan of Jen Lancaster – huge!  I can’t wait for her latest project, I Regret Nothing, which is set for release this week!  Last year I read The Tao of Martha, and just re-read and found it equally hilarious the second time.  I needed something funny – and she never disappoints.

Who is not in awe of Martha Stewart?  Ok, so maybe not everyone, but I am, and so is Jen, and that’s how this book started out.  It started out kinda like a New Year’s resolution.  For an entire year, she would do as Martha would.  Fletch (her husband) thinks it’s like a craft project – but it became so much more than that.  Like her other books, this is written as a series of essays.  She tells stories of the various projects she took on during the year of Martha.

“I realize Martha Stewart isn’t everyone icon, but she is mine. I love her because instead of lording her superior skills over everyone and making them feel bad about themselves, she’s out there breaking it all down for even the least talented among us. Had I thought to consult her guides, the curtain project truly would have taken two hours and not two months” – page 25.

9780451417640_p0_v1_s260x420One of her first projects is an easy one, cleaning out some desk drawers.  Through multiple moves, somehow the same stuff ended up in her drawers – shameful, yet hilarious!  Just a few of the things she found – a slightly used flea collar, 14 dead batteries, three empty rolls of Scotch tape, 8 unmatched Barbie shoes and 2 Barbie hats (yet she has no children), a flip phone that hadn’t been used in almost 10 years, 15 used Kleenexes.

After buying their dream house, one of her goals was to start her own garden, which proved to be a lot harder than she thought.  A green thumb she was not – and the stories about her gardening attempts are hilarious.  And all she wanted was some damn zucchini!

One fave project – Crocktober.  First, to figure out how to use the crock pot  that sat for years in her kitchen without being used.  She searched and searched for the cord to plug it in with, and used that as the excuse for not having used it all that time.  It turns out, as Fletch cleverly points out, the crock pot had a handy feature that stored the cord coiled on the bottom.  This totally sounds like something I could do.

I love Jen, and I love Martha – one has the power to inspire (and humble) – the other the power of humor (and sarcasm).  I’ve been channeling my inner Martha lately (which has brought my inner Jen) with Spring cleaning and a few gardening projects.  I finally yesterday had my carpets cleaned, completing the Martha Stewart Spring cleaning checklist I used.  I’m done just in time for husband’s homecoming, and some summer visitors.  Now I’m ready for her new book – and more comic relief!


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