Gardening with Kids

unnamed-1This year, for only the second time, I’m trying my hand at gardening.  I’ve always wanted a garden – to grow tomatoes, zucchini, squash, of my own, but have never had a back yard.  I still don’t, but I started with container gardening last year and ended up having so many tomatoes I didn’t know what to do with them all!  I’m trying it again this year, and now that my daughter is 4, she is more interested in helping.  I tried to get her interested last year but she definitely didn’t want to get her hands dirty!!  This year she helped to plant our seedlings, and loves helps watering everything.  No telling if she’ll actually eat what comes out of our garden though!!

Last year we discovered the Patio Picker, a container-type garden, that allows you to grow more than one veggie plant at a time.  If you’re interested, it’s super easy to use and actually does yield great veggies, and we bought it at Lowe’s for about $40.  We grew tomatoes, jalapeños, and cucumbers last year.  This year we’re getting more ambitious – growing tomatoes and jalapeños again, but trying squash, zucchini, and basil too.  I have dreams of making salsa, marinara, pesto, with ingredients from my unnamed-2garden.  We’ll see how that goes though!

Before starting our garden a couple weeks ago, we checked out a few books about gardening from the library.  These books helped to get her more excited about helping out in the garden – and helped her to understand how things grow.

Frog and Toad Together – Arnold Lobel

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt – Kate Messner

The Carrot Seed – Ruth Krauss

The Curious Garden – Peter Brown

Planting a Rainbow – Lois Ehlert

The Tiny Seed – Eric Carle

Jack’s Garden – Henry Cole

If you haven’t started your garden yet, there’s still time.  I already have my first tomato – it’s tiny and green, but I’m happy!  If you have a helper like mine, these books are perfect!


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