Summer Reading Programs

unnamedWhat are your plans for the summer?  My daughter and I have already spent hours at the pool, the beach, and Ocean Breeze (our favorite local waterpark).  I can only imagine that the rest of summer will be spent doing more of the same.  Tomorrow is her last day of school, and I think we are both excited.  Instead of dreading keeping her busy and occupied all summer, I’m looking forward to some down time!  Among many other plans this summer, we have both signed up for the summer reading program through the Virginia Beach library.

Keeping kids occupied during the summer is always a challenge.  Now my daughter is 4, and close to reading on her own, I think she’ll be more excited than ever to participate.  Last year I was disappointed in the kid’s program, as the prizes weren’t as good as some of those given the previous years.  There were less prizes overall, and those that were given weren’t that exciting.  This year seems to be similar, but we’re going to do it anyways!

There are 3 separate programs – one for kids, one for teens, and another for adults.  Kids who participate get a free book, and get to spin the prize wheel each time they have read 5 books in the challenge.  Teens also get a free book, bowling passes, and raffle tickets for bigger prizes each time they read a book.  The adult challenge is similar in that raffle tickets are given, there is also a “Bingo” game with raffle tickets awarded for each “Bingo”.  What I love about this is that in order to cover bingo spaces on the game board, players (or readers) must read different types of books, getting readers out of their comfort zones.  It’s a fun way to “escape” this summer!

There are also reading programs available through Barnes and Noble, Book It, Sylvan and Scholastic.  All of these programs are available online, and offer free books & more for reaching reading challenges.  The best part is you can do them all at the same time – and all can be done online.

Have you signed up yet?  Even if you don’t have a young reader at home your local library probably offers an adult summer reading program.  What books are you looking forward to this summer??

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