Book confessions: Part 2!

unnamed-1I shared my book confessions already, now it’s Kel’s turn!

  1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish?

I feel so bad to say this but Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.  I’d read the first two books and the the first of a trio of books by Tolkein’s son Christopher about JRR’s process in writing the LOTR books, but much as I love the story that’s just a lot of Tolkein at once.  Anyone who’s read the books knows he’s incredibly descriptive and it can be tough to get through some sections of the books.  The book is still sitting on my nightstand as I am determined to finish it but I’m taking a break right now.

  1. Which book is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t think I have any books I’d count as a guilty pleasure, there aren’t any I can think of that I wouldn’t tell people I was reading and to me a guilty pleasure is something you keep a secret, something you maybe don’t want people to know you’re reading.

  1. Which book do you love to hate?

The Twilight series and it’s fan fiction turned bestselling series 50 Shades.

  1. Which book would you throw into the sea?

Umm see #4

  1. Which book have you read the most?

Oh boy um let’s see with my kiddo probably Goodnight Moon or Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, as a teacher The Outsiders or The Giver, personal reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, or the Mitford Chronicles by Jan Karon

  1. Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

Oohhh…  Tough one – because generally I will read anything.  I think that if a friend was passing along a book she’d really enjoyed I’d probably read it. (I’m just stealing Amy’s answer here)

  1. Which book could you not live without?

Um see # 5 any and all and so many more.

  1. Which book made you the angriest?

Recently the angriest I can remember being at a book (and by recent I mean in the last 5 years). Catching Fire SPOILER ALERT, just in case you haven’t read it or seen the movie, I was so mad when Katniss had to go back into the arena I nearly threw the book across the room.

  1. Which book made you cry the most?

The first year after my son was born I was reading The Giver with my seventh graders and when we got to the scene with the Jonas’s dad releasing the smaller twin I couldn’t even read it I was crying so hard, my co-teacher had to take over, same thing happened the next year when my then eighth graders asked about the book Night and I started reading it, when Weisel describes Nazi soldiers using babies as targets like skeet shooting, I was done, we read no more.  Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson was a bawler of a book

  1. Which book cover do you hate the most?

You know I can’t think of any book covers I hate.  What I hate is when a publisher switches book size in the middle of a series and I know sometimes that’s a matter of the amount of time that passes between books.  Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is a prime example there are three different size books and cover style changes with each size, just bothersome to me when we’re trying to finish our collection and have them lined up on the bookshelf.  Speaking of I have a copy of Ender’s Game that looks nothing like the entire rest of the series I have sequels and prequels, cover style is different and it’s a different size.  I really need to replace it with the matching book.


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