Book to Screen

Hello all, Kelly here.  I’m working on a new series of posts that will begin to appear here.  Amy might just jump in and join me.  When she asked me to review the Astronauts Wives Club tv show I began to think about all of the other books I’ve read through the years since I was a kid that have since become movies, mini-series, and tv shows.  Some of them have been great adaptations, other just ok, and still others are adaptations I’ve turned off part way through or refused to even see.

There has been a trend in Hollywood lately to mine the shelves of Young Adult novels for movies, as a former middle school communication arts teacher, you can bet I’ll have an opinion on many of those movies: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Giver, Ender’s Game, and even Twilight.

Come December, yes I know that’s a long way off, be on the lookout for a post or two about Christmas books that became movies or tv specials, including the ever popular A Christmas Carol.

By the way after watching another week of Astronauts Wives Club I have to say I do like it, the second week was so much better and more character focused.  It’s going on my DVR for the rest of the series.

I’m looking forward to taking the opportunity to reread some of these books and rewatch some of the movies too.  Make sure to share with us your favorite and even least favorite book to screen adaptaions.


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