New Fiction Friday: Royal Wedding

9780062379085_p0_v2_s192x300I am a Meg Cabot fan – I’ve read her Princess Diaries series, her Heather Wells series, and her Queen of Babble series. She also has a YA vampire series, and though I haven’t read it – I know Kel has. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure, and so far I’ve enjoyed all of them!   Royal Wedding is the latest in the Mia Thermoples, princess of Genovia series. Just released this summer, I was looking forward to reading it, and it’s the perfect beach read!!

Mia is clumsy, somewhat neurotic, not graceful (at all), and definitely not your average princess. Is there such a thing??  In the very first book of the series (which the movie was based on) Mia first finds out she is a princess, when she is 14.  It’s quite a shock, and she’s still trying to adjust to royal life.  Now she is older, and getting ready to marry her longtime boyfriend, Michael (who has been with the series almost since the beginning, as her BFF’s brother). Now she is known around the world as a princess, and with the world watching she is still stumbling!

The announcement of her engagement sets off a media frenzy, and the paparazzi that follow her every day all over the city only increases. Literally, a circus. Not unlike the one that probably follows the royal family of England everywhere they go. One secret about the royal family is revealed (possibly a spin-off, or another book in this series?). Her father, whom she had not known until she was a teenager. Spoiler alert: he had another daughter, and it’s in this latest book that her identity is revealed.

That isn’t the only secret revealed in the book, and this second secret is a big one!  This was a fun book – most of Cabot’s books are.  You can enjoy this book even if you’ve haven’t been a Princess Mia fan from the beginning.  Her grandmother’s interference in her wedding plans are hilarious – and so relatable to anyone who’s had someone “help” with their wedding plans.  This just might be my favorite Mia book yet!


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