Texts From Jane Eyre

9781627791830_p0_v1_s192x300One of the funniest books I’ve read all summer is Texts from Jane Eyre.  Who doesn’t love a good classic?  The book includes rewritten versions of some classics, both old and new, in text form. They are hilarious – it’s a quick, fun read, perfect for the summer.

One of my favorites was her take on The Hunger Games. In it, Peeta is portrayed as a neurotic worrier, constantly texting Katniss for whatever reason.  Katniss is too busy:

“Peeta I cannot talk right now”

“Oh I’m sorry”

“Remember how we talked about this?”

“I dunno”

“Remember how we talked about how I can’t talk when I’m hunting? Because of what else I need my hands for?”

“Because you need your hands for holding arrows”

“Because I need my hands my hands for holding arrows”

“Yeah I remember”

“So that’s why I said don’t try to get in touch with me unless you’re having an emergency”


“Are you having an emergency?”


“Is it a real emergency” Or is it a f…”

“It’s a frosting emergency”

“Peeta a frosting emergency isn’t the same thing as a real emergency”

“It is to me. It is to this cake and also it is to me”

“I’m turning my phone off”

Some of the other funny takes on classics were Hamlet (he’s like a moody teenager) Medea, trying to get Glauce to put on the poisoned dress, Les Miserables (in which Marius can’t seem to remember what the revolution is about, and where they should “meet up”), and The Great Gatsby, which is one of my favorite books ever. Here it is parodied in text fashion, with Daisy basically drunk-texting Nick.

If you’re a lover of classics, or enjoy a good laugh, this is one book you will love!


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