Shadow Spinner

9780689830518_p0_v1_s192x300Have you ever had a book that you remember reading but you can’t remember the title?  Then when you go looking you can’t find it anywhere?  Do a Google search using the key plot points and still can’t find it?  UGH!! Yep it happens which is frustrating because Google knows everything doesn’t it?   So a little while ago Amy and I were talking about different books and she mentioned wanting to read something with 1001 Arabian Nights.  That sparked a memory for me. A book, a young adult book to be exact about a young girl, a servant in the Sultan’s harem.  It happened while Shahrazad is telling her tales.  That was about all I could remember which it turns out is not much at all to go on when looking for a book on Google.  I finally hit on the right combination of search words and found the book Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher.

Marjan, a young crippled girl goes along with her aunt to the harem of the Sultan.  While there she begins to tell a story to some of the youngsters.  Shahrazad’s sister overhears the story and wants Marjan to stay.  She takes Marjan to meet her sister and tell the story she told the children.  It seems after all this time Shahrazad is running out of stories to tell the Sultan and is in fear for her life once again.  Marjan is to be her secret weapon, except when the Sultan asks for more of the story Marjan told, she doesn’t know it but she does remember where she first heard the story.

Marjan sneaks out into the city to find the storyteller she first heard the story from.  Little does she know just what she’s getting herself into.  I don’t want to spoil the story so I’m not going to give any more away but this is definitely a great take on a familiar story, taking the what used to be the main characters and relegating them to the backstory.

Have you read this one?  Or like us, want to read Arabian Nights, just haven’t done it yet??


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