Book to Screen: Little House on the Prarie

unnamedI remember watching Little House when I was a young girl, I loved Laura.  I still love Laura and admire her in many ways.  For years I was amazed that she was able to teach school, multi-grades in one room, when she herself was not yet done with school, especially after the summer where I had the fortune of teaching a 2nd through 8th grade enrichment class, all grades in one room. I was fully educated but I struggled so it just raised Laura and all others like her in my opinion.

I first read one of the LH books when I was in second grade.  Each student in my reading group was assigned a different book and then we shared the stories with each other during our group time.  I loved it and didn’t realize until years later that that teacher was ahead of her time.  I read On the Banks of Plum Creek and really enjoyed it.  I then read all of the others many times as I was growing up.  In fourth grade I was incredibly disappointed that my teacher wouldn’t let me count a LH book as an autobiography at the time I didn’t understand, having since read actual biographies on LIW I get it now but I think there is something to be said for her childlike recollections.

The TV show is one that has truly endured, any day of the week I can find it on two to three channels.  I recall as a child reading the books being really upset to find out there was no Albert but in all honesty it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the show or the books.  

The show is not a very close adaptation of the book after more than a season or so however it stays so true to the spirit of the books that they complement each other well.  I still own my original copies of the books and watch episodes several times a week if you haven’t checked them out, try it.

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