Book to screen: YA

unnamedSo many young adult novels have been turned into movies that there is always enough for another post.  I’ve taught so many: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Outsiders, Giver and here are a few more.

I don’t remember the first time I saw Alice in Wonderland, the Disney version that is, but I do recall being confused.  Actually I think that’s been my general impression every time I’ve watched the movie or read the book, and that’s ok it’s still fun.  The classes I read the books with year after year were also quite confused, the movie actually always seemed to help clear that up.  I really enjoyed that adaptation as I enjoyed the newer Johnny Depp/Mia Wasikowska movie which was more of a sequel but still good.  Both movies are well worth seeing.

When I first started teaching the district I was in at the time required all seventh graders to read Bridge to Terabithia.  My next district I had my students read the book it was interesting as one year classes would love it and the next they hated it.  Personally I love the story of Jess and Leslie and naturally I cry at the end.  There have been two movies made, the 1985 version to me is the much more true adaptation and my preferred version to watch.  I just don’t care for the changes made to the 2007 version, they age the kids needlessly and seem to change the time frame which then really loses something in the story.  Read the book, watch the 1985 version, 2007 is up to you but I’d pass on it.

Tuck Everlasting is a really interesting story of young Winnie and the Tuck family.  This was another book that my student either loved or hated.  Honestly I love teaching those books because the reactions always lead to better discussions.  I was excited to hear about the movie being made in 2002 but was incredibly disappointed when it came out.  Again needlessly aging characters makes me crazy!  Winnie is supposed to be much younger than she is in the movie.  Honestly I’ve seen it once years ago and can’t remember the other details that bothered me but I don’t plan on seeing it again.  Read the book, the movie that’s all up to you.

One last series, not one I’ve taught but one that will not stay on any classroom or library shelves: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Kids LOVE this series, I think it’s probably the best seller at fall book fairs everywhere when the new book comes out.  I know my son can’t wait for each new book.  I haven’t read any of them but he reads them over and over and over, and will watch the movies any time they are on.  He loves them though he can tell you every detail that’s different between books and movies.  If you have a kiddo that is reluctant to read for pleasure as mine was, have them try out the Wimpy Kid series.

So are there any other young adult, kid books turned movies that we have yet to review?  Fill us in.


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