Book to Screen: The Martian

unnamedOver the summer my husband and I had a rare date night, and went to see Jurassic World together.  It was the first movie we had seen together – without our daughter – since she was born.  Seriously, the last movie we saw in the theater without her was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (which wasn’t very good!).  Needless to say, we were long overdue for a date night.  One of the previews we saw while waiting for our movie to start was for The Martian.  It looked amazing, and while we were hoping that once it finally reached theaters we’d be able to see it, I picked up the book – I just had to read it.  I loved the book, and absolutely could not put it down.  I shared my review of it, and arranged a date night swap with a friend over the weekend so that we could finally see it!

My husband and I really loved the movie.  The movie didn’t … to the book – and after loving the book so much, I was afraid Hollywood would mess it up!  There were a few minor details that changed, but nothing that changed that story.  The imagery was amazing – and Matt Damon was perfect for the role of Mark Watney.  He was both a botanist and an engineer, a little MacGyver-esque.  The cast was full of all-stars, and I loved Jeff Daniels as the head of NASA.

While reading the book I wondered frequently if any of what was happening – with Mars travel, and the technology used – was actually possible.  I wondered the same thing while watching the movie.  Is travel to Mars possible?  Probably.  But what boggled my mind was the way that Mark was able to survive – which was possible because of the technology and equipment there, and also because he was incredibly smart.

Of course while watching the movie, there were previews for other movies that I’m now dying to see!  And new books to read before movie versions get made!  This is such a good movie, and an even better book.  I recommend them both!


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