Best Halloween Books for Kids

unnamedSo, Halloween in on Saturday and we’re finally almost ready.  My daughter has an October birthday, so our Halloween plans are usually put on hold until after her birthday.  Her birthday was last week, and we have finally picked out her costume.  Her birthday, however, does not interfere with us wanting to “stock up” on Halloween candy.  We’ve also been reading a bunch of Halloween books that we picked up from the library.  These are some of our favorites!

10 Trick or Treaters – An adorable, and just slightly spooky countdown to Halloween night.  We’ve read this so many times in the past couple of weeks, I practically have this one memorized.

Room on the Broom – This is now a Halloween classic, and my favorite on this list.  This friendly witch goes for an epic broom ride, and she continues to make room for her animal friends on her broom.  It’s adorable and the perfect read for Halloween!

5 Little Pumpkins – This is a quick rhyme, and the perfect board book.  We’re not reading too many board books anymore (my little baby just turned 5!!), but this rhyme I know her preschool class is memorizing for the school’s pumpkin patch parade.

Haloweena – We recently discovered this one at the library, as a part of their Halloween display.  It’s a cute story about a little “human” girl who is adopted by a witch.  The witch tries to turn Haloweena into a good little witch, and their favorite holiday to celebrate is of course Halloween!!

Goodnight Goon – An adorable Halloween take on one of the best kids books ever, Goodnight Goon is a spooky parody of Goodnight Moon. Instead of bunnies, there are adorable little monsters.  There’s also The Runaway Mummy, a “petrifying parody” of Margaret Wise Brown’s other classic.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – The book version of the best Halloween special ever.  This was one of the first Halloween books we bought for my daughter a few years ago.  She’s not a huge Peanuts fan yet, but this classic has a way of growing on you!

I’m ready for Halloween – we have our pumpkins picked out, and the pantry is stocked with pounds of candy.  She has her costume picked out, this year she will be one of the thousands of the little girls dressed as Elsa!

Hope you get more treats than tricks!  Happy Halloween!


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