The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By

9780316306126_p0_v3_s192x300I am a huge Entourage fan. My husband and I loved the show – and the movie (now that it’s finally out on DVD, we just finished watching it!). While the movie was being promoted, I saw Jeremy Piven being interviewed on the Today show. Only it wasn’t Jeremy Piven, it was Ari Gold. Appearing in character, Ari Gold was promoting his new book, The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By. Matt Lauer also has a cameo in the movie – along with countless other celebrities and athletes, and I’m pretty sure I saw Warren Buffett too!  The book was released around the same time the movie first premiered. Ari is by far the best character in the show – a hilarious take on a Hollywood superagent.

Now Jeremy Piven has moved on the play Mr. Selfridge, the title character in one of PBS’s Masterpiece Theater series.  In this role he is equally bold and brash, and though my husband hasn’t become a fan (like he was of Entourage), I love this show. It’s this same attitude and character present in this book.  Mr Piven probably didn’t write this book, but it definitely is Ari’s voice. This super ambitious super agent stopped at nothing to get his clients the best deals. In this book, he offers advice for anyone looking to get ahead.

Rule #8 is Be Everywhere. His advice is to network and be “on” 24/7. Each event attended, every meal at restaurant eaten, is an opportunity to meet current and potential clients.  On the show he is notorious for answering his phone almost anywhere – even in his therapist’s office, where his wife has forced him into anger counseling.

“Your quest for power doesn’t clock in at nine and clock out at five. It doesn’t take nights or weekends off. There are no half-day Fridays, no leisurely mani-pedi lunches at Burke Williams. It’s not home in time to watch Jon Stewart live, and it doesn’t catch the early train out of the city. Your quest for power does not recognize Columbus Day.”

In his ruthless pursuit to be the best agent in Hollywood, he may have stepped on a few toes, but only for the amusement of viewers and readers.  This new business “bible” is a fun read.  It’s one last bit of Ari, although I hope it’s not the last we hear from him!  Any Entourage fans will enjoy this book!


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