How I Became a Runner

unnamed-1So I’m sure you’re wondering how this ties in to us reviewing books well it does and it doesn’t LOL I’ll explain more later.  To start with I’ve been working hard to maintain my weight loss.  Much as I have loved doing the Leslie Sansone walking workouts I’ve done I was beginning to wear out on them and wanted to do something different.  I’ve tried running before, usually trying the Couch to 5K program and within four weeks my knees have had enough and I end up in serious pain.  I’d pretty much given up hope of ever being a runner.

Then in September I saw one sister in law tracking Nike runs daily, and another training for a half marathon.  Neither of them had ever been runners before either, actually neither of them had been particularly athletic before that I knew and they were kicking butt.  I was inspired to try again.  

I started out slowly, walking mostly with some jogging intervals.  Just as I got to feeling stronger as a runner I got sick and could barely drag myself out of bed.  I started back up slowly but consistently.  

At the end of Sept as one SIL hit her 100 mile goal for the month she asked her friends what their goal was for Oct.  I thought about it and decided my goal would be to get the 62 miles I needed to reach my next Nike+ milestone.  As I got going in the mornings I was finding it easier and easier to get up just a bit earlier and push to go a little farther or a little faster.

Amy and I found each other on Nike, she’s been running for years and should probably be racing bc she’s awesome!  As my numbers climbed I began thinking about upping my goal.  Could I reach 100 miles for the month?  Not all of my “runs” are runs, I do have to take days where I just walk or maybe I ran in the morning and sneak in an extra mile plus with a walk, but I’m moving.  Not long after I began contemplating 100 miles Amy asked me if maybe we should both try for that goal.  

It’s been great to support each other.

As for how it ties in to books, well I almost never listen to audio books and yet I have two on hold to listen to while I run.  I started by listening to Wil Wheaton’s Memories of the Futurecast, small podcasts of Wil reading parts of his Memories of the Future book.  I guess it should come as no surprise that the two books I have on hold are audiobooks read by Wil.

So we both made 100 miles in October and I don’t know about Amy but I’m gearing up to get at least another 100 miles in November.  I’d love to get more than that.  I have just over 200 miles to go to hit the next level on my Nike tracker and I’d like to reach that before the end of the year so I’m getting up and getting going in the mornings.  I have to say it feels to amazing to start the day getting in a few miles, and even better to share it with my best friend even though we’re hundreds of miles away.  

Next time I’ll share some tips I’ve picked up while on my journey to become a runner.  Maybe we can get Amy to share some too since she’s been running longer and unlike me she occasionally runs on a treadmill. 🙂

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