10 Tips for Beginning Runners

unnamedSo last time I shared about how I started my journey to become the runner I’ve wanted to be for years, this time I’m going to share with you some tips/things I’ve learned in my last few months.  Please keep in mind that I am not in any way shape or form a medical professional, I’m a teacher who just happens to have recently started running and fallen in love with it.  So here we go:

  1. Be prepared to be hungry:  As I started walking and running more, especially as I started increasing the time I spend running over walking my appetite went way up.  Makes sense I’m burning more calories so my body is asking for more.  I also needed to up my water intake, harder to do for me but I’m working on it.
  2. Start slow: don’t try to run a mile in your first day if you haven’t been active at all before. Maybe you’ve been walking a lot and you want to try but don’t push yourself to do more than you can which leads me to:
  3. Listen to your body: is your heart rate through the roof, you can feel it pounding, can you breathe easy or are you struggling to catch your breath?  The experts all say you should be able to talk in at least short phrases, well I’m not running with anyone so I stick with can I “sing” phrases from the music I’m listening to.  Honestly I do get self conscious sometimes about singing while I run but it works for me so whatever 🙂  If you feel you need to slow down do it and don’t let yourself feel guilty for even a second
  4. Start small: you want to start running, go out for a walk and say hey I’m going to run from here to that mailbox or lamppost.  Don’t sprint mind you, try a gentle jog.
  5. Jogging IS running: pretty self-explanatory but I’ve always been stuck in the mindset that running is about speed, however marathon runners aren’t super speedy not like a 100m dash racer, but they are in awesome shape and no one can deny they are running.  If at some point both of your feet are off the ground at the same time you’re running, well unless you’re skipping or galloping 😉
  6. Find a buddy: someone who can help encourage you, someone to check in with, doesn’t have to be someone close by it can be virtual.  Amy and I have been best friends for decades and live 1000 miles apart yet she’s been so helpful to me in my quest to be a runner.  I love having someone to cheer on and to cheer me on.  It’s probably good we don’t live close anymore bc I’d want to run with her and I could never keep up LOL
  7. Find the time of day that works for you: Both of us are morning runners for the most part but I know people who love to run in the afternoon, evening, I even knew someone who preferred to run after 10 at night.  Find the time you feel best, the time you enjoy most.
  8. Decide where you want to run: are you an inside runner, or an outside runner?  If outside do you like to run on sidewalks, the road, trails, a track?  I LOVE running outside, and I’ve surprised myself so far happily running in rain, fog, and 40 degree temps, we’ll see how it goes as it gets colder LOL  I also love to run a path on the road/sidewalks.  Even though I see the same scenery day after day to me it’s just not the same as running on a track which just bores me beyond belief.  I’ll save the track for when I want to work on speed running just a mile at a time
  9. Dress for the weather: and in cold temps dress in layers, you might just be shocked how quickly you heat up.  I ran a few days ago in mid 40 degree temps and ended up pulling my hoodie off halfway through the run and finishing in my short sleeve t-shirt, I was just that warm.
  10. Don’t underestimate yourself: you may just be surprised how far you and how fast you can move then again also

There’s never a bad time to run, or to start running.  It was super cold here this weekend, and it was hard to get motivated to get out and run.  I did it though, and don’t regret it!  I hope these tips help to motivate, encourage, and inspire!

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