I Regret Nothing

9781101897430_p0_v1_s192x300I love Jen Lancaster – she is honest, candid, and hilarious. I’ve read all of her books (and have loved them all), and they never fail to make me laugh. As a memoirist, her memoirs have evolved (as she has gotten older), and I’ve grown older with her, and still love her stories. Her first book Bitter is the New Black was an account of her corporate career, and her exit from the corporate world.  Each of her later memoirs chronicle her moves – from jobs and house, and ultimately becoming a writer.  She has also ventured into the world of fiction successfully, If You Were Here details the story of a writer and her husband buying the home of John Hughe’s, just outside of Chicago (which seemed somewhat autobiographical).

This new adventure of hers, I Regret Nothing, follows her into her 40s (yikes!!). And after turning 40, there are many things that she thought she might have done at that point in her life, and she decides to tackle the list. This includes a bucket list. One of the first things on her bucket list is what her husband calls adult Spring Break. A trip to South Carolina with some girlfriends isn’t quite the trip she remembers (barely) from her college days when she …

“Throughout the fun of the twenties it’s easy to feel invincible, like life will go on forever, while the thirties are one new beginning after another.

These two decades are chock-full of rites of passage – graduations, professional responsibilities, acquiring furniture that wasn’t Dumpster-dived, china patterns, weddings, babies, white picket fences in neighborhoods no longer stumbling – distance from a bar by design, and minivans.

But in the forties? There are new milestones, and most of them suck. This is when the majority of us begin to deal with aches and pains that won’t go away, with increased professional responsibilities, with the challenges that having elderly relatives bring, and with teenage children who absolutely understand how to work around every parental control on their iPhones. And, p.s., get ready to write a check with many zeroes for their college educations.”

Why wasn’t I invited??  I would have loved to be on that trip – or take a similar trip with my friends.  Also included on her bucket list is a trip to Italy, and her attempt at first learning Italian.

Another thing on her checklist: is learning really to ride a bike.  It sound surprising that she couldn’t ride a bike, and this is something her husband helps with – and there are a few hilarious tales about their biking adventures.

I love her because she’s funny. I love her because she’s bold. This wasn’t my favorite book of hers, but she never disappoints. Although she is a coupule of years older than I am, I feel that we’re aging together. I can relate to her jokes about getting older, and I love all of her jokes about growing up in the 80s.  This book is the perfect comic relief for the stress of the holidays.  We can all laugh at her mistakes, but honestly, we’ve probably made those same mistakes too!!


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