The Polar Express: 30th Anniversary

9780544580145_p0_v4_s192x300The Polar Express is one of my favorite Christmas books.  My daughter and I love reading it so much – that our reading it isn’t limited to just December.  It’s back on bookshelf again just for the holidays, and though we haven’t watched the movie yet this year, I know w e will soon.

Written by Chris Van Allsburg, the setting is meant to be a version of his own hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It’s such a sweet story about kids and adults who believe – and even those who don’t.   The Polar Express is an epic train ride, and the journey that this special little boy goes on, will make him a believer forever, even if he wasn’t one in the beginning of the story.  This year makes the 30th Anniversary since the book’s original release.  Since it’s first release in 1985, it has been enjoyed by millions of children and parents alike.

A magical train, headed for the North Pole, picks up a young boy right after bedtime on Christmas Eve.  The train ride is amazing, magical, and unforgettable.  The 30th Anniversary edition includes an audio book (don’t ask how many times we’ve already listened to it), with the story read by Liam Neeson.  It’s the perfect book for the season – our favorite!

Any other fans out there?  What’s your favorite Christmas story?

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