Best Kids Books of 2015


I usually read way more kids books than I do my own books.  I’m actually ok with that, and there are some books that I love just as much as my daughter.  We have a few favorite authors – and always look forward to one of their new releases.  Our library has a special place in its kids section just for new releases.  We’re thankful for that – we can’t wait to get our hands on new material!  These are some of our favorite new releases from this past year:

I Will Take a Nap – Mo Willems  He is my favorite children’s author.  We have read every one of his books – and this has become one of our favorites.  It’s so funny and I laughed so hard when Gerald has a hard time sleeping because Piggie was snoring too loud.

Dear Mr. Washington – Lynn Cullen, Nancy Carpenter  About the artist who painted the famous painting of George Washington,  Gilbert Stuart.  Stuart’s three small children continue to interrupt their father and distract Mr. Washington, even though they’re trying to be on their best behavior.  Even though my daughter has no idea who Mr Washington is, we still cracked up about these kids doing their best to be on their best behavior.  

Edmund Unravels – Andrew Kolb  About an adventurous little boy who just happens to be a ball of yarn.  This story is just too adorable – and reminds me as a parent when to hold on tight and when it’s ok to let go.  

Glamorous Garbage – Barbara Johansen Newman  What a fun way to redecorate!  I love this story, and the way these girls express their creativity.  Two young cousins want to play together, one’s bedroom is always too messy.  Her mother issues an ultimatum and what results is a makeover using some great yard sale finds.

The Day the Crayons Came Back – Drew Daywalt This is the hilarious sequel to The Day the Crayons Quit.  We love both books – this latest book was under our Christmas tree last week.  I anticipate reading this one over and over until I have it memorized.  Because I love this one so much, I won’t mind at all!!

Marilyn’s Monster – Michelle Knudsen, Matt Phelan  Not quite an inaginary friend, but Marilyn’s Monster is just as special.  In this story each kid has their own special monster, who has chosen each one of them specially.  Marilyn is seemingly the last one of her friends and classmates to get hers.  But when her monster finally comes, she realizes it was well worth the wait!

Looking forward to 2016, and all that the new year will bring.  My baby girl is definitely not a baby anymore and will turn 6 next year. She will start kindergarten soon, and I am so not ready for that.  She is well on her way to reading on her own.  With books like these, I hope she’ll still want to curl up together with a book book.

Happy New Year!!


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