Goals for 2016

unnamed-2Happy New Year everyone!  I am oddly glad to be going back to work this week.  I love the holidays – the decorations, baking, getting together with friends and family.  But our decorations have been put away, and I am ready to get back to a routine.  My daughter is going back to school today, and I am ready to embark on another semester.  Last year, Kelly and I shared our goals for the year, and we were somewhat successful.  This year, I’ll do the same.  These are just some of the goals I have this year.

I will again attempt to do more yoga.  It’s not really a resolution – again, this is a goal, I don’t think resolutions ever work.  Kel and I have challenged each other, and encouraged each other, to run more.  Wish we could do it together – but there are just a few miles between us!  The running is great, and I got a few things for Christmas that make running so much better.  The yoga helps when my legs are sore, tired, and telling me to take a break.  Last year I downloaded a great yoga app, then a few months of no yoga deleted the app.  I’m kicking myself now – and this may be something else Kel and I can do together!

I’m excited to tackle another reading challenge.  Last year, I made a goal of reading more – and that’s one goal that I accomplished.  BringingUpBurns posted a reading challenge that I am eager to take on.  It includes books that I probably normally wouldn’t read – and maybe a few that I’ve read before, that I’ll be rereading.  It’ll challenge me to get out of my book comfort zone, which is a good thing.  One of the best challenges is reading a book with a friend, which is something I can’t wait to do!

One other goal I have is to create more.  I love making things – but don’t always have time.  I have a bunch of crafts that are half-finished.  Whether I decide to finish those projects, or embark on new ones, it is a goal of mine.  Last year I read The Fringe Hours, which was a call to all women to take time for themselves.  It was such an important message, and such a great book.

What are your goals for the new year?  Do you have any resolutions??


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

  1. Lonestar Run Girl says:

    I, too, am a little excited to get back to the routine. I started practicing yoga in 2015 and I share your goal to continue this year. The yoga really helps with my tight hips, quads, and calves. Yoga also helps me develop my core and arms. Here’s to a great 2016!

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