26 Books in 2016

unnamedI’ve seen quite a few reading challenges already this year – and they all seem so much fun!  Each challenge participants to read more – and read a variety of books, sometimes taking readers out of their comfort zones.  I don’t think I have a comfort zone when it comes to books – but with this list, I’ll be reading quite a variety of books.  This year I’m participating in 26 Books in 2016, which was started by BringingUpBurns.  I was super excited to get started this month, and can already mark two books off the list!  Not sure about the 24 books yet though…  Not sure what other challenges I’ll tackle next on the list.

Over Christmas break I read Vanessa and Her Sister, which I really liked, and with that I’m able to mark off a book about siblings.  For Christmas I got The Girl In the Spider’s Web, which was unputdownable, and clocked in at exactly 400 pages, so I can cross off book with 400 pages off.  I finished reading that book last night, and today started reading Dear Mr. You, which I am loving so far, and I’m studying the list to figure out what, if any, categories I can mark off.

Maybe I can even check off read a book from the library – for me, that’s the easiest, I usually only read books from the library!  We’ll see what comes next, I’m excited to try some of the other categories.  It’s not too late to join in, and this is just one of the many fun reading challenges I’ve seen online in the past couple of weeks.

Happy reading and enjoy!


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