Resolution check-in

unnamed-1Time for some accountability. How many of you last month made New Years resolutions?  Of those resolutions, have you been able to keep up??  I mentioned before that I really don’t believe in resolutions, but I did set goals for myself for in 2016.  This year, my goals were to read more (reading challenge), create more, and do more more yoga.  Two of my goals I’m happy to say I’m keeping up with – of course it’s only February though.  I’m squeezing in more time to read whenever possible – though I have been super busy with work, and my daughter has been waking up super early, so I don’t have quite as much time as I’d like.  Staying up reading at night is still a challenge, but I use any spare time I have to devote to reading. I’m currently reading Career of Evil – which I love, and it’s so hard to put down!  On my iPod, I’ve been listening to 2am in the Cat’s Pajamas – which is also good.

unnamedOne think I am keeping up with is my goal to include yoga in my daily routine.  It’s actually the only exercise I’ve been able to do.  Last month I fell down the stairs in my house and I haven’t been able to run.  It’s actually killing me – running is such a part of my life, and not being able to do it is really hard.  I’ve been using the yoga app, and whenever I do yoga in our living room there’s always a crowd.  What I love about the app is that there are a variety of yoga workouts – depending on what time I have, and my ability level.  My cats find it so intriguing when I use the app on my phone, placing it down next to me on the floor.  They love to knock over the iPad, tap on the screen (which pauses the workout).  Yesterday I was doing a bridge pose, and my daughter was walking back and forth underneath me – which she thought was super fun!

I’ve been working on a few projects at home – so I’m trying to “create” more.  My husband and I have been working on redoing our kitchen, and just refinished our kitchen table.  Not as easy as we thought it would be (is it ever though??).  I think that counts as “creating”?  This goal is a challenge though – free time is hard to come by.  I’m trying though!  What about you?  Are you surviving winter?  Are you as ready for Spring as I am?  Are you keeping up with your goals/resolutions??


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