Book Reading Services

unnamedPeople are now reading via digital devices more than ever before.  I have to admit I’m not a huge fan, I still love a good book (usually from the library), something that I can stick a book mark in.  Despite that, I also have a Nook, and frequently listen to audiobooks, using a variety of services to download whatever I’m reading or listening to.

There are several different sites that offer a variety of books, services, and subscriptions.  Here are just a few that we’ve used and loved:

Bookbub – Through this service, users gain access to hundreds of books, many of which are free to download.  There is an app to download, and through this app the service will offer a survey about what users like to read.  They are then offered books based on this information.  The results include a variety of books/genres/authors (though users are not limited to that).

Library – Our local library offers a variety of digital services – including audiobook and e-book downloads – all of which are free.  You can take advantage of what the library has to offer, without having to actually go to the library.  Except to get a library card, of course!

iTunes – This is the quickest and easiest way to download books – to your iPad, home computer (which then can be transferred to literally any device).  It’s certainly not the cheapest option, but I’ve found that it has the best selections, and is the most convenient.

Kindle/Amazon – As one of the first e-readers, Amazon’s Kindle has set the standard.  I actually have a Nook (that was a Christmas gift a few years ago), but think that the Kindle is great.  Like iTunes, Amazon has a great selection, and things that are purchased and downloaded from Amazon easily transfer to multiple devices.

Barnes and Noble/Nook – So similar to the Kindle, although one may be fancier than the other.  It’s really just preference here, one thing I like about B&N is their membership – I frequently use the membership, not just for books/downloads, you can use it for just about anything in store or on their website.

Audible – Audible is my favorite source of audio books.  It’s now owned by Amazon, so maybe this should be in the Kindle category.  What I love most about the service is not just its variety and selection of audiobooks, it’s the narrators of some of the books.  They’ve offered books read by Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rosamund Pike.  One of my favorites is A Farewell to Arms read by John Slattery.

Any e-reader fans out there?  Do you use these services?  Any others out there that are worth noting?  If you haven’t tried audiobooks yet – you should.  Audible is probably my favorite thing on this list.  There are a few available now that I’m adding to my list of must-reads (or must-listen-tos!).


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