New Fiction Friday: Career of Evil

9780316349932_p0_v4_s192x300In my eyes, J.K. Rowling can do no wrong. I know I’m not alone in that opinion, but I had to say it! As a huge Harry Potter fan, I am so surprised by the Comoran Strike series. Surprised because it is amazing. Surprised because it’s so much different than the world she created for Harry Potter. Surprised because these books are impossible to put down – and leave me just as excited for the next one as I felt after each Harry book. I have to admit that I like this series better than Harry Potter – and that’s a very hard thing to say. The latest in this series, Career of Evil, was top on my Christmas list last year – as soon as it came out I couldn’t wait to read it. I’ve finally just finished it, and it was so good – and the last 100 pages of the book (it’s J.K. Rowling, so it was close to 500 pages, which seems to be her style) were impossible to stop reading.

The series is about Comoran Strike, a private detective, whose business has been boosted after solving some high-profile cases.  Even when the police failed to catch these killers, Comoran could.  His secretary, and sometimes partner, Robin is by his side, even after at the beginning of the story, a girl’s leg is delivered via courier to their office. This is the start of a new case for them – and one that will complicate their relationship even more.

This is probably my favorite part of the books – the back and forth between Comoran and Robin. Since the beginning of the seires, Robin has been involved with (and is now engaged to) Matthew. Matthew’s a bastard, and he’s jealous of their relationship. He seems very controlling, and really doesn’t want her working with Comoran at all. Comoran himself has had relationships with two women in the series, neither of which he cares for nearly as much as he cares for Robin. So there’s this tension, and I’m wondering when and if they’ll get tougher. As her wedding date approaches, the book gets even more frustrating!

There are three possible suspects in this case, and the story follows their investigation of these 3 suspects. These are 3 suspects that aren’t exactly on the police radar, and that seems to be their speciality – to find murderers, even when the police have failed.   And this is how Comoran has gained notoriety.  They’re got great intuition – and they make a great team.

As excited as I was to get the end of the book – the ending was maddening!  The ending was a huge cliff hanger, and I can’t wait for the next book to come out.  In trying to find out when the next book comes out, I discovered that the series is being made into a TV show on BBC.  I can’t wait for that – and I can’t wait for book 4!!


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