Celebrate National Reading Month

IMG_0609March is Women’s History Month, which is worth noting, but it is also National Reading Month.  It’s a monthlong celebration of reading, books, libraries and bookstores.  It’s an encouragement to get kids to read more – but it doesn’t have to end there!  It’s also meant to increase literacy, and to increase access to books, and education.  It is celebrated in association with Dr. Suess’s bday – which was on March 2nd.  Hosted and promoted by the National Educational Association, it has hosted and inspired reading events all over the country.

How can you celebrate?  Pick up a book!  It’s not just for kids, but it’s often the focus of literacy programs and promotions.  Want to learn more, visit the NEA’s website.

A while back, we shared a short list of how to get kids to read more.  Here, it rained almost the entire weekend, so we spent the afternoon at the library yesterday.  Rainy days are perfect for picking up a good book!


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