51+0bZSzPtL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_I have long been a Drew Barrymore fan. ET was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theater, and I must’ve been about 5.  I think I’ve seen all of her movies – and most of the work that she’s done on TV (I loved Grey Gardens!). She’s incredibly talented, a free spirit, a real artist, and I really loved this book!  I’ve read so much about her and her personal life, though this is the first time I’ve ever read her words. Wildflower came out just this past fall, and seems so ironic now, after the announcement of her divorce, which seems so sad to me after reading this book.  She talks quite a bit about him and his family – lovingly, adoringly, sincerely.

It’s a collection of short stories, telling the story of her life in stages. There are stories of her childhood, life with her mother, life without her father, her teenage years, being emancipated, her early career and transition into adult roles.  There are more personal stories too, of her husband, and some about close friends. She has so much love for those around her. It’s so positive – and she’s such a bright shining light, it’s hard not to love her. When she was talking about her closest friends, I kept wondering if I loved anyone that strongly. And why we often don’t have the real courage to say what we feel.

Motherhood is challenging, and sometimes scary for most mothers. It was especially so for her, having never been close to her own mother, and having had such an unorthodox upbringing. Her mother didn’t exactly provide a good example of what a good mother should be, or do. She talks about that too, the journey of parenthood, and how her two sweet girls have changed her.

My favorite story was about a journey with Outward Bound that she did with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars. She is crazy, brave, and outgoing, yet even this challenged her.  One thing about her that I love, is that she always seems really really honest and down to earth – and that comes across in each of her stories. I love hearing her talk about her dogs – she is an animal lover, and the devotion she had for her dogs says so much about her. She is full of love, and always seems eager to share that love with others.

These are such sweet stories, and I loved reading them.  The resilience and beauty of a wildflower seems to define her well- he is a wildflower, one that continues to grow and change.


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