Why Not Me?

9780804138147_p0_v6_s192x300Mindy Kahling is hilarious. I loved her first book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and couldn’t wait to read her latest book, Why Not Me?  She is funny, smart, charming, and real. She represents something different on TV, and in comedy. This new collection of essays talks about work, friends, dating, and even balance. She’s a busy girl, much busier than I am, but seems so passionate about work and finding time for friends, family, and dating. Just like all of us, this isn’t exactly a balance – it’s a struggle, especially for someone who enjoys her job as much as she does!

In this collection of essays she talks about looking spectacular (which is probably the funniest essay – my favorite in the collection), weddings, her short-lived experience in a sorority, fame, getting her dream job, her bestie BJ Novak, and more. Mr. Novak is also a writer, they met working on The Office , and have remained friends. He actually wrote a kids book last year that my daughter absolutely loves, called The Book With No Pictures (at this point I could recite the book – but that’s ok).

She’s frequently seen at events looking absolutely gorgeous. She loves dressing up, but is honest about what it takes to look that polished. She also talks candidly about her size and her weight, and though it shouldn’t be an issue, she points out here (and in her earlier book) that she represents the size of the average American woman, though no designer seems to know what to do with her. She’s not model or actress tiny – or big enough to require plus sizes. This is probably the best part of what she says – that it shouldn’t be that hard.

I loved this book – it made me laugh so many times. Mindy seems real, someone who could really be your friend. You’d think this, even after reading about her difficulty making and keeping good friends – and her hilarious attempt to join a sorority in college. I have little interest in the lives of celebrities – but hers seems fun, she’s not talking about her hilarious, famous friends (besides BJ). She’s not tyring the latest cleanse or spending hours at the gym.  That’s just not her.  And honestly, that’s not me either,  which is why I love her!


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