A Plug for Fan Fiction

unnamedAges ago when Amy and I answered questions on books we read, one was what is your guilty pleasure. The only thing I could come up with that to me was a guilty pleasure read was fan fiction. I’m here to say though, fanfiction shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure it should just be a reading option. I’ve come to love fan fiction as I travel the stories on www.fanfiction.net.

It seems no matter what you’re interested in books, movies, comics, games, tv shows there is fan fiction for it and an amazing amount of it. There are crossovers between stories that can be incredibly interesting to read. Obviously some titles have more stories than others, with Harry Potter topping the books list with 741,000+ stories, followed by Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Lord of the Rings, and Hunger Games rounding out the top five, but there are hundreds of books and series listed. It will come as a shock to no one I’m sure that Star Wars and Avengers are the top of the movies list.

Myself, I have read Harry Potter, Avengers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and M*A*S*H stories so far. I’ve even begun dabbling in writing Harry Potter fan fiction. It’s fun, and as a teacher seems natural to me. We ask kids all the time if they were writing the story or if they were the characters what would they do differently. That builds naturally to writing fanfiction.

Finding familiar loved characters in outrageous situations always leaves me wondering how it is people can be so creative. Whether someone changes a major plot point like Voldemort dying in the battle at the Ministry, or takes the characters completely out of their universe putting them in another there are always stories that will catch your attention. Some authors concentrate on sequels, others on prequels, still others on simply changing the story as it is. There are authors that are excellent at keeping the characters in character as they were written by the original author and others who change the characteristics wildly.

There really is something for everyone. I know there are other sites to read fan fiction, fanfiction.net just happens to be my favorite. The site allows you to search by characters in the story, rating (yes just like movies these stories are rated for language and mature situations), the language it’s written in, pairings, and whether you’re looking for stories in progress or complete.

Pairings, ah the ships that exist. If you haven’t heard the term ships first what rock have you been living under, just kidding I’d heard it all the time but it took me a while to pick up on it. I’m not sure if it really started just as a shortening of relationships but that’s always made the most sense to me, anyway ships are the pairings people want to see. They might be the same pairings the author created or altogether new ones. You might see one and think, Oh my gosh YES, or you might see one and think EW EW EW EW EW! There are several HP ships I’ve seen that I just cringe and get the creepy crawlies but I skip on by those stories and don’t read them.

You may not find the book or character you’re looking for as some authors have requested that fan fiction of their works not be allowed on the sites as they are still working on the series and don’t want to risk someone posting a story with an idea they have also had and then being sued over it. Can’t say I blame them but what a sad world we’ve come to that this is even a concern.

So if you’re missing your favorite characters because there are no more books coming out, or it’s a wait for the next, or maybe it’s the offseason for your show, give fan fiction a try you might just be pleasantly surprised!!


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