Daddy Stop Talking

9780062394255_p0_v2_s192x300In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, here is Adam Carolla’s hilarious take on fatherhood.  Carolla has a lot of wisdom to share, surprisingly. His most recent book, Daddy Stop Talking: And Other Things My Kids Want But Won’t Be Getting, offers some pretty humorous – yet spot on parenting advice. I’ve been a fan since his Loveline days – and as he ages and evolves, so does his comedy. He is the father of 8 year old twins, and the book is his way of sharing parenting advice, and also guidance for his children in their later adult lives. He also wants to reclaim some of the power he thinks dads lost in modern parenting.

“The days of Father Knows Best are long gone. It’s no longer enough to be just the breadwinner and disciplinarian. Dads today are expected to be earners, handymen, and spider killers, like we always were – but now all the mommy bloggers have demanded that we’re also diaper changers, meal makers and field trip chaperones, too.”

He comes off a bit insensitive, but his comedy is refreshing. He wants to be the man of the house, but some of the power that once came with that role he believes is gone.  While he’s trying to reclaim this power, he’s also conceding to his role in the house. If you’ve ever listened to his Podcast (which by the way is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most downloaded Podcast ever), you can hear his ridiculous stories about living with his wife and twins.

He also has a show on HGTV, To Catch a Contractor, and has quite a bit to say about the house they live in. One place that seems sacred to him – the garage, he loves cars – collecting them, racing them, and hopes to pass this passion on to his kids. Outside of his garage, he has no real power – his wife is the ruler of the house, then his children, then Olga, their nanny.  He’s at the bottom of the totem pole, and not too happy about it.

One of the funniest parts of the book is his chapter entitled “Don’t Be This Guy”. Among those he warns his kids from becoming are “zombie guy”, “foreskin restoration guy”, “formerly fat guy”, “weird handshake guy”, “empty ice-cube tray in the freezer guy”, “anti-milk guy”, “unfinished beer guy”. For Natalia, his daughter, “breastfeeding activisit”, “half-marathon chick”, “drunk woman who calls herself a MILF or cougar”, “complicated starbucks order chick”.

Don’t be these people. One day you’ll be in therapy. Your therapist will probably a woman, please pass along this book. You’ll one day receive a trophy you didn’t really earn. I’m trying my best to not do the same things my parents did, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Parents shoud put down the iPads/iPods and parent.  I can myself become these people, or my own daughter becoming one of these people.  I still laughed, some be offended though.  The book, like his Podcast, and his comedy in general, is not for everyone.  I can laugh at myself, and often do.  He’s calling us out – good parents, and bad parents – and those in between, which is almost all of us.

Happy Father’s Day!  Enjoy, and happy reading!


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