New Fiction Friday: The Best of Enemies

unnamedThe Best of Enemies is Jen Lancaster’s latest work of fiction. She’s more known for her memoirs, which is what she does best, but she has a knack for humor. I’ve read all of her books, and though I’ve enjoyed them all, I think her personal stories are much funnier than those of fiction. Although, I have to say, having read all of her memoirs (and I think there are 7?) I think there is a lot of her in her fictional characters. This story focuses on a group of 3 friends, they grew up together, went to college together, and have been friends for years when the story picks up.

9780451471093_p0_v1_s192x300Jacqueline, Kitty and Sarabeth have known each other since college. Kitty and Jack were college roomates (though had a falling out and hadn’t talked in years). Sarabeth and Jack were friends before high school, and they became a threesome their freshman year of college. They are very different girls, and grow to become very different women. After the falling out between Kitty and Jack, Sarabeth is torn between the two. Years after they go their seaparte ways after college, Sarabeth is the anchor for the t here of them.  Yet, they are all drawn together again after her husband disappears in a plane crash.

Kitty is a stay at home mom, with three growing kids, and a somewhat successful blog (quick sidenote – Lancaster herself started as a blogger). Jack is a journalist, single, and is often working abroad.  Sarabeth could’ve gone to any college she wanted, but she wanted to stay close to friends.  She is smart, ambitious, and accomplished, and after college goes on to found her own company with her husband. It’s through this company, and other major investments, that leads Kitty and Jack to be suspicious of Sarabeth’s husband’s disappearance.

Although I enjoyed this book, I have to say this isn’t my favorite of hers, and it’s definitely not her best. Parts of it were kind of funny, but don’t stand up to the comedy that she’s kind of known for.  It’s still a fun read though, and perfect for the summer!

Enjoy and happy reading!!

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