Time Odyssey

9780345452474_p0_v1_s192x300After finishing the Space Odyssey books I moved on to the Time Odyssey books that Arthur C Clarke co-wrote with Stephen Baxter, another series hubby recommended to me. He has been telling me I should read the trilogy for years now. I’d tried the first book once before and for some reason just couldn’t get into it at the time, however on this second time I couldn’t put it down, couldn’t put down the whole series actually. This set has several parallels with the Space Odyssey series, instead of monoliths we have Eyes, we had HAL now we have Aristotle, Thales, and their AI siblings.

Time’s Eye is the first book. Be prepared to jump around quite a bit in this book, at first it is between three groups, then it 9780345452511_p0_v1_s192x300becomes two. Time has been broken and stitched back together. It is incredibly interesting to see how the people of differing eras interact, those from even our future 2037, those from the late 1800s, man-apes much like those in 2001 and all kinds of people in between including some rather well known warriors/conquerors. Things build to an expected near end but the actual end of the book had me in shock and led to my favorite book of the set.

Sunstorm is one big long fight with as you would guess the sun, trying to save Earth and all of its occupants. One of the things I love about these books and the Space Odyssey series is the prevalent use of science fact within their science fiction. As a 9780345491589_p0_v1_s192x300space buff I particularly enjoy the references to Skylab, Apollo, the Shuttles, but these authors don’t just stick to American space program history they talk about the Russian program as well as other countries/groups of countries. All of these details make the stories much easier to believe even when they seem so unbelievable.

The third book Firstborn takes us back to time jumping as our various characters once again try to save the Earth from certain destruction. This time however all are not bonding together to accomplish this goal rather they are split into factions. While I enjoyed this book I had some questions about the solution and how it worked. What really got me though was the fact that this seems set up for at least one sequel possibly another trilogy and yet there are no further books. Unfortunately shortly after this book was finished, possibly just after it was published Clarke passed away, at 90 he had lived a long and productive life, but oh how I wish Baxter would continue the story. Maybe someday, I can hope can’t I? No matter whether a sequel is ever written I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys sci fi, historical fiction,or stories of humans triumphing over major conflicts.


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