1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000-books-logoWe love living in Virginia Beach.  Though it’s not a huge city, the city itself offers so many great resources.  One thing I love most about the city is the library.  We go at least once week, and having been going that often since my daughter was born.  She is now 5, just started kindergarten.  I started when she was a baby checking out a stack of board books, and now we have worked our way up to short chapter books.  A couple of years ago the Virginia Beach Public Library launched a program to get more kids reading, 1000 Books Before kindergarten.

Reading is so important to me, and is such a huge part of my life.  So is the library, and I would love to pass this passion down to my daughter.  Getting her involved was easy, and we were already reading books.  To participate in the program:

  • Register – Register at the library, pick up a reading folder and first reading log.
  • Track Your Reading – Every book you read to you child, enter on the list
  • Show us Your Reading Logs – Each list has enough space for 100 books.  When you finish a sheet, bring it in, get a special sticker, get a new list.
  • Read More Books – Keep reading until you reach 1,000 books!!
  • Celebrate! – When your child has finished the list, they win a new backpack, and get a certificate to keep!

Reading the books was easy, she was so excited when we turned her list in a week before school started this summer that she got a new backpack.  When I was growing up, my elementary school had a rewards program for students who read 100 books a year.  My Mom made sure I did it every year.  Your library may not have this specific program, but may offer other reading rewards programs.  Check it out!


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