The Blog Birthday Tag


wolf-houndTasha over at The Bookie Monsters recently celebrated a big blogiversary – 3 years of blogging.  To celebrate, she shared the Blog Birthday Tag – which actually originated with Audreywritesabroad.  This year our blogiversary came and went without notice (probably because I forgot), but Kel and I have also been blogging for just over 3 years.  Because we missed our own anniversary, we’ll celebrate with Tasha instead!!

The Rules:-

  1. Say you’re a champion out loud. (Scream it in the streets for extra Hogwarts Points.)
  2. Write a post in which you answer the questions below. (You can change or add questions if you want to.)
  3. Tag as many blogging champions as you wish so we can all create a huge chain of Champ Happiness and enlighten everyone’s day and possibly prompt a full hour of perfect World Wide Peace.
  4. Let those Champs know you tagged them.
  5. Link this page in your post so I can read everyone’s answers and know more about you!

Q1: How old is your blog?

We started blogging about 3 years ago – our first post was a review of Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper.  It was posted on July 23, 2013.

Q2: What was your blog’s first words?

When the thought of starting my own blog cropped up in the back of my mind, I wondered what I would I write about.  What did I have to share that other people would be interested in?  I had a ton of ideas, and decided that I didn’t have to focus on just one subject!

Q3: What are you most proud about your blog?

I am most proud of the commitment I made to start and continue the blog.  Blogging is fun – but not always easy.  With a busy schedule, finding time to blog is sometimes a struggle – as is finding time to actually read!

Q4: If you had to describe your blog in one picture what would it be?



Q5: What are your hopes for your blog’s future?

I want to keep blogging – reading has always been my favorite hobby.  I love talking about books – and  love connecting with other people who share that love!  I hope to encourage others to read – and do what they love.

Q6: In what Hogwarts House would your blog be and why?

I would have to say Gryffindor – I’d like to believe that there’s a little bit of Hermoine in Kel and me.  Kel is an overachiever and I admit to being a busybody…

I Nominate:

Kelly @ One Educator’s Life

Charley @ Books and Bakes1 

Tonya @ More than a conqueror




One thought on “The Blog Birthday Tag

  1. Tash says:

    Happy three years to you too! The Time Keeper is a brilliant book and I’m with you on hoping to continue blogging it’s great! 🙂

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