Welcome to 2017!

unnamed-2Happy New Year everyone!  All of our decorations have been put away, and I am ready to get back to a routine.  My daughter went back to school yesterday, and I am ready to embark on another semester.  The holidays this year for us were bittersweet.  We spent lots of time with our families and our friends, which was really great, but my husband left for deployment yesterday.    His departure date seemed to loom over our heads, though I tried not to think about it.  We enjoyed our time together, but I dreaded yesterday.  The start of a new year is usually a time for resolutions, or a new start, but for right now, my only goal is to survive.  And I know we will – and I know it will be hard.

I have resolved before, or set a goal to do more yoga, and that is a goal I haven’t met.  I would really like to try meditating.  So, instead of setting a specific goal, my only goal is just to try it.  I’m also starting a new teaching job next week, which will be challenging.  I know I’ll need time to de-stress, and I believe meditation might help.

I’m excited to tackle another reading challenge.  Last year, I finished a reading challenge that got me reading “outside the box”.  This year I signed up for TBR Challenge that is being hosted by The Misadventures Of Super Librarian.  First up: a collection of short stories.  I can’t wait!!

One other goal I have is to create more.  I love making things – but don’t always have time.  I have a bunch of crafts that are half-finished.  Whether I decide to finish those projects, or embark on new ones, it is a goal of mine.  I have a couple of huge projects on my to-do list.  One thing I need to do is to organize and sort through my daughter’s many school projects.

What are your goals for the new year?  Do you have any resolutions??

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