A New Reading Challenge

unnamedEmbarking on a new year is inevitable.  It’s here wether we want it to be here or not. Fear not!  There are exciting things ahead – and new reading challenges to tackle!  Last year I finished 26 Books in 2016 hosted by BringingUpBurns, just in time before the year ended.  The last thing on that list that I was able to check off was Gone With the Wind, which I had been wanting to read for a long time, and it was a serious challenge.  For this year, I signed up for TBR Challenge 2017, hosted by The Misadventures of Super Librarian.  I am super excited because the challenges are different, and the categories are different.

I don’t think I have a comfort zone when it comes to books – but with this list, I’ll be reading quite a variety of books.  First up is short stories, which I normally don’t read.  Some I’m already out of my book comfort zone!

Reading Marathon LogoThe Virginia Beach Public Library is also hosting a book marathon this year – users can sign up and log in each time they finish a book.  The  goal is to finish 26.2 books this year.  You don’t even need  to be a library card holder to sign up for this challenge!

Hope the new year brings many new books!  Happy reading and enjoy!!


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