51qngjneijlHappy day after Valentine’s Day everyone – the best day of the year to buy candy!!  This is the second month of the #TBRChallenge, being hosted by The Misadventures Of Super Librarian.  Each month, there are posted themes and “due dates”, like assignments, challenging participants to read and get outside their comfort zone.

This month’s assignment was an author new to me.  In the past month I’ve read two of JoJo Moyes’s books – Paris For One and After You.  I loved both of them and am looking forward to reading more of her books.  Up next is her one of her newest books Sheltering Rain. Again, I feel like I’m the last one to read 514wbfezdml-_sx281_bo1204203200_her books.  I guess better late than never!!

After You is the sequel to Me Before You, and picks up exactly where the first book left off.  I haven’t read the first book yet – but I want to now, and I’ve heard the movie is really good.  Without reading the first book, it was still immediately clear what had happened.  No spoilers, but Me Before You has a very sad ending.  In After You, Louisa is trying to carry on with her life, has done some crazy and exciting things.  Her family is puzzled, but they never really understood her relationship with Will Trainer (which is kind of what Me Before You is all about).  Having not read the first book, I wasn’t sure how they were connected – but they were deeply in love.

This was such a great story – and I also really loved Paris For One.  I’m looking forward to reading more of her other books.  Next up in the #TBRChallenge for March is a comfort read – which sounds perfect for right now!  The past few weeks have been super busy and I’d love nothing more than to relax with a great book and some Valentine’s Day candy!!


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